About Us

Delisa'e Malone Owner of DK Minks I am a Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist I'm passionate about health and beauty! I started my beauty career because I really developed a passion for makeup I truly believe makeup is an art and I want everyone to have fun with it because at the end of the day makeup comes off. I created my Eyelash Line because I wanted a set of lashes with superior quality that I could get multiple uses out of. I want everyone to feel luxurious in DK Minks each lash name is inspiring from "Millionaire" to "Icon", "Diva" and "Boss" transform into the ultimate Lash Doll. 

DK Minks are super fluffy and lightweight, cruelty free, and re-wearable with proper care. We have a wide selection of natural Lashes and 25mm Lashes. My 25mm Lashes are long and dramatic giving off a very bold glamorous look. While my natural Lashes are 3 dimensional, and a short everyday lash. Each lash is unique and overall a beautiful set for every eye shape. The quality that is found in DK Minks you can't find in synthetic lashes. No mascara is needed on these lashes DK Minks blend in naturally!